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To travel you will certainly require a teammate with an enthusiastic understanding to accomplish your travel necessities including the resources, equipment and experienced workers. With G.K.Majestic Trek, you will be collaborating with a responsive and experienced agency that will create way out to fit your tour needs.

G.K.Majestic Trek Pvt.Ltd is a fully certified and registered agency which has been offering treks and tours in the beautiful places that help you add up unforgettable memories. Our best team includes dedicated and experienced in trekking, mountaineering as well as expeditions who have also been concerned in the tour sector since many years. We arrange trekking plus adventure activities in Nepal. We offer flexible itinerary and we will tailor it according to the clients’ desire. We believe in the excellence of a tailored service, and we present a wide assortment of diverse treks that will go well with everyone. With tour associates and company on-site workers, the agency serves its clients with all-inclusive travel management throughout the year be it for an individual or for a group.

Additionally, this proficient travel organization offers analysis of travel information, consistent service with an extensive range of resources to assist them, stay satisfied and focused on their program objectives. Our broad industry insight and established ownership let us guide clients all the way through a rapidly shifting travel setting.

We have an admirable record of clients’ satisfaction and constant success has shown the way to enlarge our array of services. We are proud to state that we are one step to the fore as a reliable and first-rate trekking company in Nepal and a government license holder organization which will by no means let you down. We look forward to getting your trust in our capability.
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